One of the first things buyers should do, is to talk to a trusted lender to get a preapproval, and to discuss your potential mortgage. Almost all written offers are presented with a preapproval letter, especially in a highly competitive situation; you want to make it easy for the seller to choose you. Also, 97% of all lenders require property taxes and insurance to be built into your mortgage and that will impact your payment. Talk to a qualified lender about what you want your payment to be, so that you focus on properties that work for you and your family. We have worked with some of the best and most respected lenders in San Diego County who will give you good, straightforward information and advice. We will be happy to provide you their contact information.

Need information on schools, crime, transportation, maps, etc.?

We have a full color, relocation guide that has all this and more. Call or email us today and we will have one sent to you by courier or mail, or email

Register to receive home alerts straight to your email. The process is easy, fun, and best of all, we won’t call you! (unless of course you ask us to). Once you find homes you might like, let us know and we will arrange the appointments so you can see them all in a few hours. It is amazing how your wants and needs will change once you have seen a few homes.

Once we refine your search and find your home, it is time to write the offer and negotiate. During this process you will really appreciate working with Distinctive Homes CA as we will get you the best possible deal while protecting your interests.

Ok, so a lot goes on between Finding it and Closing it, but that is why you need to hire the best to Manage it. Lets us help you get it done!

Distinctve Homes CA was voted one of the top 10 Brokerages in San Diego for 2013, 2015 & 2016

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