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    DRE# 02238622

    "If your dreams are not big enough to scare you, then they are not big enough;” a quote by our real estate agent Katelyn Asvolinsque. Katelyn grew up in Tucson, AZ with big aspirations and an incredible drive that eventually led her to a successful career as a Hollywood stunt woman. She made the leap, both figuratively and realistically, in 2016 and hasn’t stopped filming for both movies and television since. The hustle and bustle of the entertainment industry helped Katelyn develop a strong sense of teamwork, hard work, transparency and dedication in which she plans on bringing to her new found adventure in real estate. She is a quick study, genuinely kind, passionate about anything she puts her mind to, and cannot wait to help people find their dream home! “I’m in the people business, and happen to be selling/listing homes. I have a true love for people and am excited to open doors for those who are looking to expand their horizons. I love storytelling and each person has their own story to build. I hope to be a part of that process for so many as they find their place to call home.” So to say the least Katelyn will not only fight in the movies you watch but she will fight for you in the search of your perfect home.

    Follow her real estate page on IG @katiehomesrealestate and @katelynbrookela if you want to see all that movie stuff

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